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Fisherman's Wharf / South Dyke Trail

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Steveston Fisherman’s Wharf is the sole barrier between Richmond and Vancouver. Located in the newly developed Metro Vancouver area, it is populated quickly by Asian descent. 

On the southside of Richmond is the Steveston Heritage Fishing Village, located on Number 1 road by the Fraser River.

About 100 years ago, many Japanese descent would gather at Steveston Fisherman’s Wharf. They lived off catching and selling fishes they capture. During the Second World War, the Japanese military started the Pacific War. This resulted in the Canadian government indiscriminately transport these Japanese descent Canadians into Concentration camps in inland BC and Alberta, while selling all of their belongings.

Unfortunately, those Japanese – Canadians had to suffer for the deed conducted by the government of Japan and lost their home. In 1988, the Canadian government apologized for their inhumane act to the Japanese-Canadians, and gave a total compensation of 291 million to them and their next generations. 

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The Georgian Bay Cannery Bay in Steveston Village, Richmond, British Columbia, is a National Historic Site of Canada.

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The cannery was established in 1894 and was the main producer of canned salmon in British Columbia. It is now a salmon museum that includes interactive exhibits, movies and historical panels in the museum, demonstrating the important historical role of the cannery in the fishing industry on the west coast of Canada.

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Starting from the southern end of Number 2 road, along the agricultural area and riverside is a popular cycling and walking trail called Dyke Road. Along that trail, there are recreational walking trails and parking areas along, and eventually can be linked to the horseshoe slough and recreational trails of Shell Road. It is a good place for early morning exercise or evening walk.

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